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Financials & Funding

Who We Are

NCCHP Grant Contracts

Rocky Mountain Health Plans – Regional Care Collaborative Organization/Community Integration Agreement for Northwest Colorado Caring for Colorado - Connect for Health 

The Colorado Health Foundation – Outreach & Enrollment year four and Connecting Communities to Care 

Colorado Health Institute – Regional Health Connector 

Colorado Foundation for Public Health and Environment – Regional Health Connector 

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment


NCCHP Contracted Partners

Mind Springs Health – Community Care Coordinator Team 

Mind Springs Health/Pioneers Medical Center– Community Care Team 

Rangely District Hospital – Community Care Coordinator 

Grand County Rural Health Network – Outreach & Enrollment staff, Community Care Coordinator, Outreach Coordinator of Dual Eligible Medicaid/ Medicare enrollees  

Northwest Colorado Health – Outreach & Enrollment, Managed Services

The Memorial Hospital – Integrated Behavioral Health

Our Financials